An Introduction to Distance Reiki

For many people the concept of a healing modality that is purely energy takes some getting to grips with. But the idea that you can perform Reiki over vast distances often leads to disbelief and incredulity. Hence, many people ask the question: “What is distance Reiki?” or “How can distance Reiki actually work?”

This blog aims to answer those questions in a down to earth and satisfying way.

Distance Reiki – In Simple Terms

In the simplest terms possible, distance Reiki is just that, it is sending Reiki over distance.

As such, the Reiki practitioner may be in a specific location, but their client may be anywhere in the world. They can be in different rooms in the same building. They can be on different sides of the world. It really doesn’t matter. The important thing is that using special techniques, the Reiki practitioner is able to send energy to their client wherever they are.

Not only is the practitioner able to send the energy, but they can also scan the client’s body and direct energy to exactly where it is needed.

Does it Really Work?

In my own personal experience, distance Reiki sessions are every bit as effective as ones done in person.

In fact, I think that distance Reiki sessions seem to be more effective. Perhaps the reason for this is that the client is often somewhere they psychologically consider to be safe.

Usually, this would be their home, and often they may lay down in bed to receive the energy. As such they are in a state of greater relaxation than they would be if they have travelled to a wellness centre that may be unfamiliar to them.

How Does Distance Reiki Work?

The honest answer is that we cannot explain exactly how it works, because our scientific knowledge has as yet not advanced sufficiently to be able to understand the mechanics of it, but quantum physics does hold some hints that are worth considering.

Scientific Considerations

Firstly, please refer to the cover photo above. Albert Einstein is widely considered to be the father of modern physics including quantum physics. This form of scientific enquiry moves from the theoretical nature of Newtonian physics and into the nitty-gritty of reality. In the quote above, Einstein essentially states that nothing is matter and that everything is energy. That being the case lays the groundwork for the possibility and reality of Reiki.

In more recent times, study in this field has led to an understanding called Quantum Entanglement. The concept of Quantum Entanglement may hold a key to understanding distance Reiki. How? Well, in brief, it teaches that all elements in the universe are interconnected. This includes even subatomic particles. Experiments performed as part of the discovery of Quantum Entanglement have shown that something impacting a particle in one location can have the same impact on another particle some distance away. In very simple terms see this as the basis on which distance Reiki works.

Another perspective comes from the work of Nikola Tesla. Some of the work that he was doing not long before he died related to the ability to send electricity wirelessly across great distances. Again, this is akin to what happens when we use distance Reiki.

A Spiritual Perspective

Reiki is a deeply spiritual practice. As such, the fundament spiritual principle of ‘oneness’, that everything is connected, has to be taken into consideration.

One of the best illustrations that I have ever heard to explain this principle is one of the waves on the ocean. In the illustration, the ocean represents the ‘all that is’. You may think of this as Source, the Universe or even God. The waves on the ocean represent us as individuals. Each wave is born, reaches a crescendo, and then melts back into the ocean. This of course parallels our lifetime.

The import of this illustration is that we are all one with everything. Each life comes from Source. It lives, it experiences life, and then returns to Source. But all the while it remains connected to Source, and through Source it is connected to everything else.

Returning to the idea of distance Reiki, then if we are truly connected to Source and everything else in existence, as highlighted by this illustration, then the mechanism for sending Reiki (which also comes from Source) distantly is easy to understand.


In conclusion, Distance Reiki is a real thing. It is as effective as Reiki performed in a one-to-one setting, if not more so.

And whilst we cannot fully explain how sending Reiki distantly is possible, we can see hints from Quantum physics that may help us in our understanding.

Beyond that, the spiritual principle of ‘oneness’ shows us exactly how we can send Reiki to someone else who may be many miles away.

If you have found this blog interesting and would like to receive distance Reiki, or in fact, you would like to learn how to perform this miraculous healing modality, then please feel free to contact me for further info.

In Love and Light
Rob Linden
Usui, Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki Master