As part of our Level 1 Reiki training we are certain to learn of Usui’s precepts and the benefits that these bring to our lives as we start to apply them daily.

When I’m teaching, I love to explain how the precepts can gradually change our way of thinking and acting / reacting as we apply them on a daily basis. I also like to emphasise what my original Reiki teacher told me on my Level 1 course, about how very clever Usui was by adding the simple preface of “Just for Today” before each precept making them attainable for us all.

But today I awoke with a very specific thought about how the precepts can help raise our vibration.

How The Precepts Affect Our Vibration

As we know the precepts begin:

Just for today…

Do not Worry

Do not be Angry

Worry and Anger are both low vibrational emotions. In fact, as far as the spectrum of emotion goes, they’re pretty much the bottom of the pile (except for despair and hopelessness).

So, it’s no wonder that Usui then went on to add…

Just for today…

Be filled with Gratitude

This is a far more positive emotion and one that is far higher on the vibrational scale.

The last precept then states…

Just for today…

Be good to others and yourself

What is this teaching us other than to show compassion and love for everyone (and by extension, everything) and very importantly to ourselves? And the emotions of love and compassion are pretty much the top of the pile when it comes to vibration.

A Way to Apply This in Daily Life

Daily we are bombarded by news of things that are focused on the negative. That is focused on bringing down our level of vibration. Even if you avoid newspapers and news programmes you will not be able to escape the barrage of information about terrorist threat, climate change and Brexit etc etc.

Think about that for a moment. What is that potentially doing to your vibrational state?

Over my lifetime there has been a constant supply of such fear-inspiring issues: Cold war, threat of global nuclear destruction, oil running out, global financial crises, housing market crashes and the list goes on and on.

For much of my life this led to me living in a state of fear and trepidation. As a child I had repeated nightmares about nuclear war for example.

And, when we live predominantly in this emotional state it weakens who we are. It suppresses us as individuals. It stops us reaching our real potential and living a contented and fulfilling life.

So, what if we connect all of the negative emotional triggers to our five Reiki precepts?

If we do, then we will no longer worry about them. We will no longer be angry about what is happening around Mother Earth. Instead, we will be moved by LOVE and COMPASSION and act on that basis. As we do, we move and act from a far more empowering emotional standpoint.


So, just for today, can we avoid acting from fear?

Can we move to a place where we never act from worry or despair?

If we can, then we can become moved and motivated by LOVE, by COMPASSION and a desire to help mankind and this beautiful planet upon which we live from a far more empowered stance.

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In Love and Light
Rob Linden
Usui, Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki Master