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doAROMA Reiki

Duration: 1¼ Hour

Cost: £35 or 3 sessions for £90

Other Details: doAROMA Reiki

A deeply relaxing and yet deceptively powerful experience that helps bring the body into a state of harmonious balance.

The treatment combines therapeutic grade essential oils, with gentle touch techniques and the beautifully loving healing energy of Reiki.

Your experience starts with a grounding and balancing foot technique using an aromatic essential oil blend that has the effect of resetting the mind, body & spirit, and is followed by a gentle application of three more essential oil blends to your back, neck and head to balance and clear the body’s energy centres.

The treatment concludes with an intuitive Reiki session, this helps to clear any energetic blocks that come to the surface, and will also help to determine the essential oil for you to take home at the end of your treatment.

All lovingly delivered by Liz Linden.


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