Oxidative Stress – The No.1 Cause of Ageing

Oxidative Stress is the root cause of ageing in our bodies – as well as increasing your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Peel an apple and leave it for a short while and you will see an example of oxidisation. Being exposed to the air (oxygen) it begins to decompose – and a similar process is happening every minute of the day in our bodies.

You may well have at least heard the term Oxidative Stress as it has become more widely known over the last few years. It comes hand in hand with a much greater awareness of the existence of Free Radicals in our bodies – and the importance of Antioxidants to neutralise them.

Oxidative Stress is the excess production of Free Radicals, over the ability of our body to neutralise them with Antioxidants.

Fighting Free Radicals with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are created naturally in our bodies as well as being boosted by eating the right foods.

Up until our mid-twenties most of us are able to produce enough Antioxidants to counteract the number of Free Radicals being created. However, around this age our body’s ability to create enough Antioxidants to fight an increasing number of Free Radicals diminishes and so we begin to see the signs of ageing. And have a higher propensity to potentially chronic diseases.

Whilst the benefits of eating more antioxidant rich fruit and vegetables such as blueberries, strawberries, kale & spinach are widely known, it is impossible to eat enough of these foods to neutralise the amount of Free Radicals being generated. And to therefore make any significant difference to the battle in our bodies against Oxidative Stress.

There are additional ways to boost your intake with a wide variety of supplements, but the drawback of introducing Antioxidants to the body in this way is that the benefits are short-lived and can only tackle a limited number of Free Radicals.

The NEW Way To Combat Oxidative Stress

But now there’s a new and much more effective way to reduce Oxidative Stress – and slow down the signs of ageing. A supplement that rather than introducing Antioxidants directly into your body, stimulates & reignites its ability to produce significantly more Antioxidants for itself.

In fact the supplement is not actually that new. It first became available in 2006 and since then has not only gathered many thousands of glowing testimonials of its benefits, but also an increasing number of ‘peer–reviewed’ and published clinical studies which are recognised & respected worldwide.

It is made with a patented formula of extracts from five potent botanicals; Turmeric, Green Tea, Bacopa, Milk Thistle & Ashwagandha.

To find out more about how to naturally reduce Oxidative Stress and slow down the effects of ageing in your body then check out the video below, or click on this link.

The fact that Oxidative Stress is real and damages our bodies is not in doubt, neither is it that Antioxidants are the key to reversing the anti-ageing process.

This natural supplement turns current (until now) thinking on its head by helping your body to kick-start its own natural Free Radical fighting Antioxidant process, rather than the continuous pursuit of taking on board more and more external Antioxidants.

Slowing Down Ageing

Benefits Include:

  • Reducing oxidative stress by 40% in just 30 days
  • Significantly reducing cellular stress through Nrf2 activation
  • Producing enzymes capable of neutralizing more than 1,000,000 free radicals every second of every day
  • Helping to regulate survival genes
  • Boosts the production of intracellular Glutathione by 300%
  • Helping the body repair and rejuvenate its own cells
  • Helping the body detoxify genes, keeping the master blueprint of the cell’s function intact

What The Doctors Say…

A reporter on an American TV show takes a 30 Day trial, with clinical testing, and reports his results

Dr. Alice Reed breaks down the science and research studies behind this amazing neutraceutical

Three doctors talk about why they recommend this natural health supplement to their patients

Two Cardiologists discuss why they believe this has a role to play in preventing coronary diseases

Dr’s Joe McCord PhD & Brian Dixon PhD… 

Dr Joe McCord PhD, creator of Protandim, explains why the chosen synergy of herbs is so important!
Dr Brian Dixon explores the Theory of Ageing and ways to biohack our health with nutrigenomics
Oxidative Stress & Mitochondrial Theory of Ageing and Protandim Nrf1 & Nrf2 Explained

Nutrigenomics IS The Future…

Make It Part Of Yours

Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease.

The nutraceutical is a daily food supplement which activates the Nrf2 pathway in our cells to create millions of extra natural antioxidants to support cellular health and well being. It’s a patented, science-based formula that has been researched, tested and validated, and published by renowned research institutions around the world.

As well as being an amazing break through product whose benefits are being experienced by more and more people every day, it also presents an outstanding opportunity for anyone wishing to share the potential for improved health and wellness with others.

Find out more about both the Product and the Opportunity in the links below.

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Louise Hay's Mirror Work - An effective way to boost self esteem and self worth.

How often do we see little ads that say do this for the next 30 days and it will change your life?

For the most part these are a waste of time and often of money, but that is not true of Louise Hay's mirror work. It is free and is genuinely simple, it can literally be done in 30 seconds a day, but it can make a huge difference in your life.

The attached 3½ minute YouTube link is of Louise herself giving a demo of this technique using a hand held mirror, but we all have bathroom and bedroom mirrors, which we tend to look at every day. And this is not just for the ladies. This works equally well for men too.

In essence mirror work entails creating a rapport with yourself that you repeat day after day. In doing so you start a process of overturning your subconscious programming that you have built up over years. Often this programming is one of self hate and loathing that is unhelpful and self-destructive.

The process itself is simple. We look at ourselves in the mirror. Ideally we make eye contact. And then with heartfelt words we say to ourselves:

"I love you unconditionally"
"I accept you unconditionally"
"I forgive you unconditionally"

To start with this may be really hard. You may be confronted with distrust and hate. Words like "you don't f*cking believe that" or "you don' deserve to be loved" may echo back immediately. Just allow that to happen. Don't fight it. Just accept it.

You may also need to guard against the other more insidious voices that will try to ridicule what you are doing and say "this is ridiculous", "I can't believe what you're doing!", "Look at yourself, look at how stupid you look". Again, don't give these any energy, just accept and observe.

Then repeat this daily. Over time the negativity will be replaced by positivity and love.

After just 30 days of practising this you will find that it has made an unexpected difference. And if you keep on doing it you may find a total transformation happening.

My level of self hate was off the scale. And I came across this technique from Dr Christiane Northrup on a docu-movie called Hungry for Change. It changed my life. Unbelievably after a period of months I would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and instead of the usual self loathing I would smile and feel genuine love.

If you're going to do this then I ask only one thing. That you make a personal commitment to try it for 30 days.

I hope that you found this useful. Or potentially you have already used this technique to help yourself and others. If you did then please share below.

In Love and Light

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