CBD Oils

CBD Oils

What is CBD and How Does It Affect The Body?

Hemp is one of the oldest useful plants of humankind and offers many different possible uses. The Cannabinoid CBD is the second most frequently used ingredient of the hemp plant containing many valuable proteins, terpenes, flavonoids and further active substances.

CBD affects part of the nervous system known as ‘The Endogenous Human Cannabinoid System’ which has receptors on the cell surface to which CBD can dock. These receptors regulate numerous biological processes in the body. CBD acts mainly on the so-called CB2 Receptor, which is known for its connection to the immune system and pain centres of the body.

Vitalix Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts contain the full CBD plant power and are rich in Terpenes and Phyto Cannabinoids, this strong synergy is known as ‘The Entourage Effect’. Meaning that the interaction of the contained plant substances has a higher biological activity than the pure substance itself.

Using a gentle and effective extraction process results in highly concentrated, purely naturally obtained CBD oils which are 100 % decarboxylated and in a particularly activated form.

Vitalix CBD is part of the Vitalix Wellness range exclusive to Magnetix Wellness.

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