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About Us

Naturally Promoting Wellness

Liz and Rob’s journey to KickStart Wellness began several years ago after Rob was suddenly struck down with a debilitating illness lasting for several months. During this time their health consciousness was accelerated and a passion for natural juicing, eating a healthier organic diet and living a more balanced lifestyle ensued.

Along this path, and purely by chance, Rob discovered and experienced the miraculous healing energy of Reiki. And again, purely by “chance”, Liz discovered for herself the huge balancing and healing benefits of wearing magnets for health. It was the same path that then lead them both to discover a remarkable natural supplement that activates the body’s own defences against ageing and disease.

All three of these discoveries have in turn shaped the way in which Liz and Rob work, and they are both passionate about sharing these alternative and natural ways of helping the body to heal itself.

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